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Dear Diary, it's 9/25/2023 and we are blogging...

Hey! Hey! Hey Everybody! It's me Puta Leah, and I get the luxury of writing our first BLOG post, so I thought, what an amazing opportunity, to say, THANK YOU!

Thank you all for tuning in, reaching out, and trusting us enough to share your stories, or make you laugh. These last 3 years have been such a good time & we have made so many spooky new friends!

This silly spooky show has really aligned us with our people and we are so thankful to be welcomed in to this community.

For two Eastside kids, just having a website to blog on, is something wild!

Now, for some updates!

We have so many things coming up for our Halloween Season!

We will be featured guests of Nevada based podcast "Stoner Budeez" for their "Creepy Budeez" series.

Local CBD Purveyor MaryJae along with yours truly are having a lifted FRIDAY the 13th PARTY, you won't want to miss!

PLUS! The Paranormal Putas are HOSTING their FIRST LIVE event on Devil's Night, we are so excited about this, and really hope you all can make it!

and of course we are going to have NEW episodes throughout the month!! We really can't wait to party with you guys! Keep up on social media for updates!

Until next time...

two besitos, from these putitos xx

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