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   The Putas

We are Leah & Bethany, two  hermanas who were born and raised on the East Side of Austin Texas. As fourth generation Mexican-Americans, we grew up listening to our father and his brothers telling us campfire tales that drove our curiosity of the paranormal. As young adults we began having our own paranormal experiences and we also spent time (a lot of time) enjoying every single episode of  Travel Channel's "Ghost Adventures." During the pandemic we decided to take our love for family tales and wild TV and formulate a podcast that covers it all. By tuning in you are guaranteed to have a spooky good time! 

With every personal story shared with us we have learned that our desire is to continue to explore Latino paranormal stories, spirituality, love, and cultura.

Come and join us. 


Released Episodes

We currently have episodes where we sit back, break down, and LOL over past episodes of  Ghost Adventures. These episodes will be where you get most of our humor. We have segments highlighting the show’s paranormal evidence, their fashion choices, and even some of the ridiculous quotes shared by lead investigator Zak Bagans. 

We also attempt one major investigation per season. In the last 4 seasons we visited “Bragg Road: Ghost Road” in Saratoga TX., “The Stanley Hotel" in Estes Park CO., “The San Antonio Railroad Tracks”, and in our most recent season we visited "Haunted Hill House" in Mineral Wells TX. These episodes highlight not only historically haunted places in our home state of Texas and beyond, but our desire to uncover truth in the paranormal. 


Personal Stories are provided directly by the individuals who have had paranormal experiences. These episodes are the heart of our show and the most sought after. These personal stories are shared with us and trusted to us to handle with care from our story tellers.


 We are also cooking up episodes that will deep dive into our Texas/Chicano roots like La Llorna, Lechuza, and so many more! Be sure to check out the already released "The Girl who Danced with the Devil." 

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Mas Putas!

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